Raya du Plooy

Dear Plastic Glitter,

We need to talk…

We love your sparkle and the vibrancy you bring to our lives. You have stuck with us through good times and bad…literally. You fill our homes with endless shimmer and glisten. You’re fun and colorful and make us feel good.

But there is something we need to tell you…

You’re hurting us. Your core is made of plastic. We know lots of things are made of plastic like our good friend Barbie. But while Barbie swims with fish, you are ingested by them. You take too long to break down and you’re hurting our environment.

So we’re moving on from you. Oh Flossy has given us a new friend to play with and they are fabulous.

Our new friend ‘Oh Flossy Glitter’ is biodegradable and compostable. We love the softness of our Glitter because its core is made from Eucalyptus pulp and doesn’t have the hard plastic edges like you do. Glitter breaks down in water in a matter of weeks which means Barbie still gets to swim with fish in twenty years time.

We have had lots of fun playing but its time for us to part ways. We want a stronger environment for the future and you’re making that difficult.


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