We're breaking the rules.

Raya du Plooy

We are breaking branding protocol by doing this but it cannot go without being said.

The journey of Oh Flossy has been rapid and we are now expanding internationally as our message is shared. We want to create change in the most dramatic ways. We want to change the way our children are advertised to and encourage healthy neural development through play without the adult world weighing in on expectations and development.

But the story of Oh Flossy began from very broken beginnings. Truth is, Oh Flossy began from one Mum who was desperate for hope. A Mum who saw no way out of the darkness. A Mum who, through some seriously hard work, fought her way out of the worst place possible.

Through this rebuilding process, I set my sights on creating a better generation for my children. For OUR children. Because sexualised images aimed at our children are unacceptable. Because anything encouraging our children to be more grown up is unacceptable. Our children do not deserve to feel unworthy or inadequate because they do not have the swimsuit edition perfect bodies. They do not deserve to feel broken. What they DO deserve is a life filled with joy, acceptance and fun. They deserve to play and grow at their own pace. They DESERVE to know that how we made them is perfect and that they do not need to alter their bodies or minds.

Oh Flossy may not have the resources to create drastic overnight change but the more products we get out into the world, the more our message is known. The more we can stand united and say that we as their parents, grandparents and family are a united front and waging war on anyone who would devalue those short years our children have to just be children. We stand united in reverse-engineering the damaging effects this culture and these companies have on our youth and young adults who struggle with mental health, identity and body image issues. Together we will create a stronger, more powerful generation of people who, due to time spent finding who they are through play, will change the world because they had time to develop stronger neural pathways and cognition.

Together as their parents, we open up conversations for change. Together we fight for their futures.

We need to thank our beautiful friend Olivia White at House Of White for creating the #morethanmybody campaign and allowing these conversations to begin. You can watch a previously unseen video below.



If you or someone you know needs help, you can get support at Lifeline

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