Natural Face Paint is HERE!

Raya du Plooy

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest product! Natural Face Paint! 

Included in our bundle of fun in our Natural Mixing Liquid which improves adhesion,  reduces rub-off, cracking and peeling. However, if you do not want to use the Mixing Liquid, you can add some water to the powdered paint and use it as it. It is completely up to you!

What makes this face paint different from other face paints on the market? Well, it is completely natural, filled with gentle Zinc Oxide (you know, the stuff we put on nappy rash) and the colouring comes from Mica. This formula has a lower chance of any skin reactions, is gentler on skin and combined with our Mixing Liquid, is FAR superior to anything else you will find. PLUS it comes with everything you need. Each box is literally a one-stop-shop.

Don't forget to tag us @ohflossyofficial and we will feature your creations on our pages!

So why not jump over and grab yours now before stock runs out.


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