About Oh Flossy

Hi, I’m Raya. I’m a Mum of three, professional snack retriever, incredibly average house-wife and an in-car rap goddess (mid 90’s are my jam!)
I began Oh Flossy after a desperate need for not just exceptional products my children could play with but also something that didn't make my life harder because...kids.
When creating Oh Flossy, I needed it to fit within some (perhaps pedantic) guidelines. After I enlisted the help of our incredible Cosmetic Chemist, we came up with our fun, safe and non-toxic products.
Oh Flossy’s strictly enforced guidelines are;

    - 100% Non-Toxic and where possible, natural
    - Strictly no sexualised imagery, advertising or marketing
    - Products that won’t stain the skin
    - Products that wash off with water alone
    - Be bold in colour but minimal transfer
    - No red, grey or black in any of our makeup products
    - Products that look and function like Mummy’s
    - Cruelty Free ingredients
    - Australian Made
But Oh Flossy isn’t just about fun and fabulous products. We are more than that. We have a strict policy for zero sexualised imagery, advertising and marketing. We take this incredibly seriously because of the proven neurological damage this has on our children.
Children’s brains are wired to learn and play. When we introduce sexualised marketing, the cognitive part of our brains (the part that understands the world and where we fit in it) begins adapting to fit us into the images we are exposed to regularly.
Therefore, if we are emphasizing images of children with adult shades of red lipstick or poses far too grown up for children’s brains to comprehend, we are encouraging them out of their childhood as their brains adapt to socially include them. But at what cost? For the sake of potentially selling more products because as we all know - “Sex Sells.”
Imitation is the strongest form of play and learning for individual identity discovery. But if the imitation we are encouraging contains media far out of the scope an adapting and evolving brain can comprehend then how can we expect this generation to grow up healthy and strong when they are skipping critical neurological pathways.
This is the core of Oh Flossy. We are dedicated to bringing safe products for use to the market as well as an integrity based brand recognised by parents as a safe avenue for play.
Together, we can change the way our children play to then create a stronger and healthier generation.