Hello you delightful human!

I'm Raya and I founded Oh Flossy.
Raya du Plooy Founder of Oh Flossy
When I created Oh Flossy I desperately wanted to create products that truly change the generation we are raising but I also needed to do it around my kids. Founding a rapidly growing company meant I missed a lot of moments with my family in those first few years.
When it came time to employ staff my sole priority was to create jobs for all ages, all people and focus on cultivating a culture where family and mental health are always the first priority. We support local Mums who need to work between school hours, work from home or just want the freedom to up-skill in a new area. 
Our team is growing constantly and we have outgrown our warehouse 4 times in 2020 alone. 

Here are just some of our fabulous and incredibly talented team -
 Lisa Hayes Wholesale Manager Oh Flossy
Lisa - Wholesale Manager

 Brianna Gross Olivia Gross Oh Flossy
 Olivia & Brianna - Production and Warehouse Ninjas

Tanya Stapleton Oh Flossy
 Tanya - Customer Service 

Sophia - Order & Warehouse Ninja

Christine Oh Flossy
 Christine - Order Power-House

Nadine Oh Flossy
 Nadine - Warehouse & Production Extraordinaire 

Cheedem Oh Flossy
Cheedem - Warehouse & Production Ninja