Kids Blush, Eyeshadow and Lipstick

Individual Makeup for Kids

Every kid deserves to express themselves with fun, natural and non-toxic makeup. At Oh Flossy, we offer just that! We have a collection of natural lip glosses, eyeshadows, blush and other individual products formulated for safe play. 

All our products are made from natural and vegan ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about chemical rashes or reactions. With our line of individual makeup, you can focus on allowing your kid to play with vibrant colours and express their individuality.

Build Your Kid’s Makeup Kit With Oh Flossy’s Natural Lip Glosses And More

Encourage your kid’s creativity and imagination with our selection of individual makeup products. From our shimmering natural lip gloss sets to our many eyeshadow shades, we have different colours and textures that inspire playful experimentation. Let them pick the makeup products they’re interested in using and watch as their confidence and artistic skills flourish. 

Our natural lip glosses are a favourite among kids building their starter play makeup kit. The shine and delicious strawberry, cotton candy and grape flavours just attract them! Everything is plant-based, from the pigments to the flavouring, ensuring your children’s safety when experimenting with makeup. And the cute tubes make for easy application — kids will love to squeeze our natural lip glosses with their adorable hands!

If your kid is attracted to colours and textures, let our blushes and eyeshadows entertain them. The cute packaging tells them the makeup goes over the eyelids and the cheeks, and see how they react to the new texture against their skin. Choose from our wide range of eyeshadow shades at Oh Flossy and see how your little one matches their makeup to their mood.

Shop Our Parent-Approved Natural Makeup at Oh Flossy

Kids will love to experiment with Oh Flossy’s play makeup, whether it’s the shimmer and sweetness of our natural lip glosses or the colours and textures of our blushes and eyeshadow. 

Shop our collection of natural lip glosses and other individual makeup made from vegan ingredients. With our natural makeup, your kid can embrace their artistic side and unique styles in the safest and most fun way.
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