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Playtime meets glam time with the Oh Flossy kids makeup set

Welcome to Oh Flossy, where creative kids can be their creative selves. You know how your little one loves to rummage through your makeup bag, their eyes wide with excitement? Their attempts to imitate you are nothing short of adorable. And that's exactly why we created our makeup sets for kids.

We took all the things kids love about grown-up makeup — the bright colours, the brushes that feel like magic wands, those shiny little mirrors — and made it all child-friendly. Our kids’ makeup sets are like their very own treasure chest, filled with safe, non-toxic and easy-to-clean products that are gentle on their delicate skin.

With our kids' makeup sets, their pretend play gets a fun, sparkly upgrade. It's all about diving into a world of colours, creating stories and just having a whole lot of fun. So, with Oh Flossy, they're not just playing — they're dreaming, creating and discovering their unique selves.

Unleash the sparkle with our face paint & glitter

Get ready for a sprinkle of sparkle and a whole lot of fun with our face paint and glitter. From fairy princesses to cheeky clowns, there's no limit to who they can become. Let their imaginations run wild, knowing their sensitive skin is cared for with our safe, water-soluble face paint.

Add a dash of our biodegradable , easy-to-clean glitter and watch their creativity glow. Our face paints and glitters are more than just pretend makeup; they’re tickets to a world where dreams come to life.

Create new magical memories with Oh Flossy

Dive into a world where every day is a sparkly, fun and colourful adventure. Let's make playtime even more memorable because it’s time for your little stars to shine. Shop the range online today to enjoy free shipping across Australia when you spend over $50. 


Makeup for Kids: Safe, Fun, and Creative Play Makeup

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Modern children are exposed to multiple forms of entertainment; therefore, it's imperative that safe yet enjoyable activities be provided for them. Children like imitating adults' actions by playing dress up. One form this takes is through makeup exploration - something parents, guardians, or anyone looking for the ideal present can delight at finding. We explore all that makeup has to offer kids while emphasizing safety, creativity and funnies as we take an in-depth look into this world!

Kids Makeup Sets Are an Excellent Present

Kids makeup sets make an excellent present for young loved ones who are interested in makeup. Be it for your daughter, niece, nephew or any little one else in their lives who is drawn in by its magic, these sets have been carefully created with safety in mind to foster creativity while encouraging imagination in a non-toxic and non-detrimental environment.

Discover The Magic Of Kid Play Makeup Now

Kids play makeup is an engaging way for young ones to express themselves creatively while having fun experimenting with colors, textures and styles. Parents appreciate its mess-free and safe application: these products have been specifically created with your child in mind as gentle skincare options to maintain safe complexions and ensure healthy lives for years.

Non-Toxic Formulas: Safety First

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One of the top concerns of parents when purchasing makeup for kids is safety. Most children's play makeup is composed of non-toxic ingredients free of harmful substances known as "Nasties," so they guarantee even if your little ones accidentally swallow or apply some, there won't be any adverse side effects from its usage - making sure their kids can safely access this makeup is an ongoing effort for both manufacturers and parents alike.

Utilising Natural Ingredients as an Eco-Friendly Approach

At a time when environmental awareness has never been higher, instilling eco-conscious values in young children is crucial. Many kids makeup sets prioritise natural ingredients and eco-friendly production practices; by choosing products which adhere to these values you can teach your kids the significance of sustainability while they play with makeup!

Explore a variety of Colors and Ranges

Kids love variety and makeup sets designed specifically for them provide them with just that! Ranging from vibrant eyeshadows and fun lip glosses, children can use makeup sets designed specifically for them to express themselves creatively while remaining safe. By mixing and matching different colours and looks to form unique looks they are encouraged to express themselves individually while remaining protected within a controlled setting.

Children Play Makeup Is Easy to Apply and Remove

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Play makeup designed specifically for children is made to be user-friendly so parents don't need to be concerned with complicated packaging or application methods for their young ones. In fact, most kids' makeup washes off easily when wetted with water making cleanup simple!

At an early age, introducing kids to makeup can foster self-expression and creativity. While some may consider makeup inappropriate for kids, remember that kids love exploring and experimenting - providing age-appropriate makeup sets will support this and allow their imaginations run free!

Are You Shopping Online Stores to Give Gifts for Little Makeup Lovers?

With convenient shopping capabilities such as browsing options, adding items directly into your cart and making purchases within minutes online shopping provides, finding something suitable can become much simpler!

Same Day Dispatch Convenient Solutions Are Provided

Many online stores that sell kids makeup sets understand the excitement associated with opening new gifts for your little one, which is why many offer same day dispatch service so your order can arrive promptly on its promised delivery day, making their day that much sweeter! At Oh Flossy, we offer same day dispatch for items ordered before 12noon AEST to ensure your littles ones receive their goodies fast.

Blog: An Excellent Source of Knowledge and Advice

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Helpful tips about selecting, applying and removing makeup safely are provided on the site of many online store blogs that specialize in children's makeup. Parents looking for assistance selecting products should take advantage of them! To assist them when making educated choices there are also blogs with important information regarding children's makeup use as they provide insight into its advantages as well as any safety considerations involved with its usage. These blogs serve as great tools for parents looking for positive experiences with makeup for their child - offering tips about selecting products correctly while applying and removing it safely from children as an invaluable source of advice from experts!

Join Our Community of Makeup Lovers Now

Joining this vibrant world of kids makeup has its own vibrant community for parents, guardians and children to share experiences and tips. By becoming part of it you can connect with others whose children enjoy makeup play as you share insights as a group - it is also an incredible way of learning from one another and discovering fresh approaches for creative play!

Dress Up Games Are More than Fun For Children

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Dressing up is a central component of imaginative play for kids. Play makeup allows children to add that final touch by accessorizing their look with a range of colorful yet safe cosmetic products that help bring out their inner princess or superhero! No matter the character they're portraying - princess, superhero or otherwise, makeup adds the perfect finishing touch for every outfit they don.

Unleash Your Child's Imagination

Makeup can open a world of adventure for children, even girls, and when your daughter or niece show an interest in makeup it should be celebrated as it allows them to explore it further. When this interest arises, use it as an opportunity to embrace its spirit and help your young one express herself through makeup!

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Options

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Parents looking for ethical choices have vegan and cruelty-free makeup solutions available that align with their values while giving their child safe makeup applications. These options have no animal ingredients and do not undergo testing on animals, providing your little one with enjoyable cosmetic applications!

Parents' Peace of Mind

For parents or guardians, child safety should always come first. Manufacturers prioritise child-safe makeup products so parents have peace of mind as they wait while their children explore this fascinating realm.

Shop with Confidence

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When purchasing kids makeup, it's essential that you shop from trusted stores and brands that prioritise safety, transparency and quality. Reading product descriptions and reviews is key in making informed purchase decisions so as to give your children only top products.

Makeup for kids such as kids makeup sets or play makeup provides a safe, enjoyable, and imaginative outlet for children's creativity and play. Boasting non-toxic formulations in an array of colors as well as easy application/removal processes, parents can trust that their children will have an enjoyable makeup experience - great as gifts or simply inspiring imaginative playtime! So explore this world of kids' makeup today - your little ones may express themselves freely while having hours of imaginative fun.

When you shop Oh Flossy’s collection of makeup kit for kids, you can rest assured you’re investing in nourishing and gentle formulas that are easy to apply, safe for regular wear, and age-appropriate. With same-day dispatch before 12 PM, free shipping Australia-wide when you spend over $50, and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our play makeup sets, it’s never been easier to introduce your little ones to the magic world of makeup in a safe, age-appropriate way. Have a question about any of our products? Contact our friendly team, and we’ll be sure to help you out.