Kids Nail Polish


Nail Polish for Kids: A Fun and Safe Way to Enhance Little Nails

nails polish for kids

Parents want their kids' nail polish products to be both engaging and safe from harsh chemicals, because children love playing around with colors and nail art experiments - as long as it meets age-appropriate specifications.

Read more we explore all aspects of kid nail polish - its features and benefits as well as choosing an ideal option for your children's nails!

What are my children's nail polish options?

Nail polish designed specifically to cater to children is known as kids nail polish, kids nail paint or "kids polish," offering exciting colours with quick removal using water-based solutions.

Traditional nail polish may contain toxic substances which could harm children; in comparison, kids polish is designed with their safety in mind and provides long-wearing formulas in fun hues!

Oh Flossy has 11 different individual shades of nail polish along with kids nail polish sets. Pair these nicely with kids nail stickers, kids nail files or even a makeup brush set.

Safety matters when it comes to ingredients used in kids nail polish

Removal of harsh chemicals is important while adhering to the strictest cosmetics laws

One of the main concerns when purchasing nail polish for children is exposure to harmful chemicals, like formaldehyde resin, acrylic polymers and other harsh substances found in traditional polish.

Kids have more sensitive skin than adults so may be particularly affected by exposure to these harsh substances.

Oh Flossy Kids Nail Polish stands out as one brand that strives to avoid harmful ingredients, like formaldehyde resin and toluene; DBP; or any potentially toxic compounds - which makes selecting Oh Flossy all the more rewarding for both parents and kids alike!

Oh Flossy Nail Polish is plant-based and 10-free which means many of the harsh ingredients have been removed. Choosing nail polish brands which adhere to the world's strict cosmetic laws while prioritizing safety can only benefit both parties involved in buying it!

Features of kids nail polish

exciting shades

Children tend to have fiddly fingers, making it necessary for nail polish to be easy for them to apply. Many kids nail polish brands come equipped with specially designed brushes designed specifically to make mani time much easier and fun.

Children tend to be impatient, making waiting for nail polish to dry an uphill struggle. That is why kid's nail polish has a quick drying time so kids can return to playing quickly after applying colorful nail art!

Children love vibrant and eye-catching hues, making kids nail polish an exciting choice to express themselves through expression of color. And the best bit, not top coat is required!

Ranging from rainbow colours to sweet pastels and sparkly options, kids nail polish allows children to find their ideal shade to fit with their personal styles and preferences.

Nail stickers add pizzaz to kids nail painting

Nail stickers provide the ultimate creative element when combined with children's nail polish. Available in multiple designs and colours, these stickers make application to nails quick and simple for kids who wish to personalise and experiment with different looks. Removal is also easy, simply soak briefly in warm water and that's it! Win win for kids and parents!

Oh Flossy Nail Stickers

How to remove nail polish from kids nails

One great benefit of children's nail polish is that its composition formula makes it easier to remove. Oh Flossy Nail Polish can be removed with our water based nail polish wipes. These wipes don't contain acetone making it gentler on nails and great for completing that mani with your little one! Get nail polish on your furniture? No problem, the water based wipes will also help with this too.

glamour girls

Kids nail polish sets are great for gifting

base coat

Nail polish gift sets for children make amazing presents - be it birthday, holiday or simply as a treat. A gift set allows young glamour kids to express themselves freely through colours and art.

Colourful fun for children

specific colorants

Kids adore colour, and nail polish allows them to experience its endless spectrum. From classic pink and purple shades, to rainbow glitter options and beyond.

There is so much variety out there for them to discover in this vibrant world of kid polishes! Let your child explore his or her imagination through it all and unleash his or her inner artist.

Great for parties, dress ups or any occasion

cruelty free

Kids nail polish is an adaptable accessory, matching any outfit or occasion perfectly. From bright and cheerful birthday party colors, subtle pastel hues or sparkly shades for family reunions - kids nail polish helps them feel even more special by matching it to their attire and occasion!

Shop with confidence and unleash your little ones creativity

Kids nail polish provides children with an incredible way to explore their creativity, express themselves through color expression, and socialise with peers. Thanks to its gentle and safe formulation along with quick drying time as well as diverse array of exciting colours available.

This essential makeup or beauty item makes the ideal addition for every makeup bag or beauty collection! Let your children experience the magical world and magic of nail painting using only top quality kid's nail polish products available today.

When you shop Oh Flossy’s collection of nail polish, nail polish sets and nail accessories kids, you can rest assured you’re investing in nourishing and gentle formulas that are easy to apply, safe for regular wear, and age-appropriate. With same-day dispatch before 12 PM, free shipping Australia-wide when you spend over $50, and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our play makeup sets, it’s never been easier to introduce your little ones to the magic world of makeup in a safe, age-appropriate way. Have a question about any of our products? Contact our friendly team, and we’ll be sure to help you out.

Shop nail polish sets for kids

Add magic to your little one’s playtime with kid-friendly nail polish and nail stickers from Oh Flossy. Our nail polish sets for kids are the perfect companions to adorable dress-up kits. Made with plant-based ingredients, our kid-safe breathable nail polish is the safest way to let your little creative explore their artistic side. Let their imagination run, young, wild and free with nail polish for kids.

Whether your mini makeup artist likes to paint their toes in different colours or match their nails with their birthday dress, with our kid-friendly plant-based, vegan nail polish, you can let them enjoy this experience without worrying about chemicals or nasties.

Colourful kid-safe nail polish for your little diva

Fashion icon, pop star or social media influencer, let your child be whoever they want to be with our nail polish sets for kids. Designed for little hands, our expansive range of kid-friendly nail polish comes with easy applicators and quick-drying formulas. Available in pastel pinks, creamy blues and greens or shimmery pink, purple and silver glitter, our kid-safe nail polish range will spruce up playtime with runway glamour.

But how do you take the polish off safely? We’ve got that covered too! Our kid-safe nail polish remover removes polish safely with a patented water-based formula. Plus, our kid-safe nail polish remover’s acetone-free formula contains Vitamin E, castor oil and aloe vera to give little hands the hydration, softness and suppleness they deserve.

Have fun with mess-free nail stickers

If your little one loves to get creative and explore the world of beauty and nail art, you’ll love our cute nail stickers, designed to let their artistic flair run wild! Choose from a range of designs from flowers and sky themed art to fierce superhero and delicious sweets themed stickers which are oh-so-easy to apply and change according to your mood. 

Our nail stickers are easily applied and don’t require any drying time or risk of spills – so they’re perfect for little fingers and for a mess-free application with no clean up. To remove the nail art design, simply soak your nails in warm water, and watch as the nail stickers gently peel off, leaving little nails undamaged and clean. 

Tips and tricks for using plant-based, quick drying nail polish for kids

Our plant-based, breathable nail polish for kids is a fun and safe way to express their personality and style. However, it can be tricky to get a perfect application at any age. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you help your little one achieve polished perfection:

Start with clean, dry nails — Use our gentle water-based nail polish remover wipes to remove any existing polish, then use a soft brush to remove any dirt or debris.

Apply a base coat of polish — This will help the colour stick on nails and prevent staining.

Polish in thin, even strokes — When applying polish, start in the centre of the nail and work your way out towards the edges. Use light pressure and make sure each stroke overlaps the last one. This can be tricky for young hands, but practice makes perfect!

Make sure each coat is fully dry — Sheer colours may require a few coats for a bolder finish. Before applying the next coat, wait at least 2 minutes so that each layer goes on silky smooth. This is a great exercise in patience!

Clean up any mistakes — If polish accidentally gets on their skin, it’s no biggie! Just use our gentle water-based nail polish remover wipes to remove any paint around the nail.

Add fun nail stickers — When your little one’s nail polish is completely dry and you’re happy with the final look, use our Oh Flossy nail stickers to add the perfect finishing touch. They can also be used on bare nails if you don’t have time for a mani!

Explore endless possibilities with a nail polish kids’ kit

When it comes to nail polish for kids, the sky’s the limit! Glitter, decals and bright colours are all great ways to add some pizzazz to little fingers. For a festive look, try painting each nail a different colour of the rainbow. Or, for something a bit more subtle, go for a two-toned ombré effect. 

Alternatively, polka dots are always a classic, and they're surprisingly easy to create with a toothpick! If you're feeling really creative, try making a design using stripes or spirals. Just have fun with it — there's no wrong way to do it!

Shine bright with kid-friendly nail polish from Oh Flossy

Make playtime a little more fun with the Oh Flossy range of plant-based, vegan nail polish kids’ kits and nail stickers. Made with little fingers and big imaginations in mind, they’re the perfect alternative to adult beauty products, so you can make sure your little one is playing safely and exploring their creativity with plant-based, safe formulas.  

We offer same-day dispatch before 12pm, free shipping Australia-wide when you spend over $50, and a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our vegan and halal makeup products for the little people. Got some questions for us about our products? Get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help you!


What nail polish is safe for kids?

When shopping for nail polish for kids, it’s essential to choose a formula that is gentle and won’t expose them to any chemical nasties or harsh ingredients they may inhale. We have specifically designed and formulated our kids safe nail polish using plant-based ingredients and without harsh chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene and phthalates. Your little beauty fan can safely use the Oh Flossy nail polish range without worrying about chemicals which may be harsh on little fingers and lungs. 

At what age is nail polish safe?

If you’re using plant-based and 10-Free nail polish for kids, the risk factor for any age is significantly reduced. However, the danger associated with kids and the use of regular nail polish is significantly higher if they’re at the age of thumb-sucking. 

For a fun alternative to nail polish for any little kids still prone to putting fingers in their mouths, try our nail stickers. They apply in a clean, dry formula and come off in warm water, making them a great alternative if they’re not quite ready for kid friendly nail polish yet.

Is kids' nail polish poisonous?

Plant-based and 10-Free nail polish for kids is typically free from any harmful chemicals. At Oh Flossy, our nail polish for kids is plant-based, and our remover is acetone-free.