Playtime meets glam time with the Oh Flossy kids’ makeup set

Welcome to Oh Flossy, where creative kids can be their creative selves. You know how your little one loves to rummage through your makeup bag, their eyes wide with excitement? Their attempts to imitate you are nothing short of adorable. And that's exactly why we created our makeup sets for kids.

We took all the things kids love about grown-up makeup — the bright colours, the brushes that feel like magic wands, those shiny little mirrors — and made it all child-friendly. Our kids’ makeup sets are like their very own treasure chest, filled with safe, non-toxic and easy-to-clean products that are gentle on their delicate skin.

With our kids' makeup sets, their pretend play gets a fun, sparkly upgrade. It's all about diving into a world of colours, creating stories and just having a whole lot of fun. So, with Oh Flossy, they're not just playing — they're dreaming, creating and discovering their unique selves.

Unleash the sparkle with our face paint & glitter

Get ready for a sprinkle of sparkle and a whole lot of fun with our face paint and glitter. From fairy princesses to cheeky clowns, there's no limit to who they can become. Let their imaginations run wild, knowing their sensitive skin is cared for with our safe, water-soluble face paint.

Add a dash of our biodegradable , easy-to-clean glitter and watch their creativity glow. Our face paints and glitters are more than just pretend makeup; they’re tickets to a world where dreams come to life.

Create new magical memories with Oh Flossy

Dive into a world where every day is a sparkly, fun and colourful adventure. Let's make playtime even more memorable because it’s time for your little stars to shine. Shop the range online today to enjoy free shipping across Australia when you spend over $50.