Don't miss out! Kids Nail polish, stocking stuffers and more

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Oh Flossy Kids makeup, nail polish and accessories new arrivals for Christmas

We've got some exciting news to share! And just in time for Christmas & the holiday season!

Our much awaited range of kids nail polish is now back in stock! 

The fabulous Oh Flossy "Not Just Pretty" Nail Polish range is perfect for those little ones who love to play and be creative while keeping them away from nasty chemicals (and your nail polish!)

Our nail polish formula is plant-based making them breathable, it is vegan friendly, Halal, sustainable and 10-Free (i.e. no nasty ingredients!) while being long lasting. Great & safe for kiddies nails!

Better still our quick dry formula means that you won't need to keep your wriggly little one still for long - which means it's back to play time faster!

The Oh Flossy Nail Polish range comes in 7 fantastic shades:

  • *NEW* Joyful (Pink Glitter)
  • Authentic (Silver Glitter)
  • Brave (Cream Pink)
  • Brilliant (Cream Fluro Green)
  • Courageous (Coloured Confetti Glitter)
  • Kind (Cream Blue)
  • Strong (Cream Violet)

Oh Flossy Kids Nail Polish


Along with the Oh Flossy kids nail polish, we've also launched a brand new Oh Flossy Kids Glitter & Accessories pack which includes our new Oh Flossy Kids Cosmetic Bag - this bag was designed by Perth based designer Rosa Ronco from Grafika Studio.


Kids Glitter & Accessories Cosmetic Bag


For those Christmas stocking stuffers, we have fantastic Rudolph's with Lipstick pot noses, face paint and glitter & makeup bon bons. Partnering all of our kids makeup, face paint, glitter, nail polish and accessories is a very cute Llama inspired Christmas gift card!

Better be quick, these stocking stuffers won't last long!

Kids Makeup Stocking Stuffers



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