Find out why parents love Oh Flossy...

Why parents love Oh Flossy Kids Natural Makeup

Why do parents love Oh Flossy...?

We take you behind the scenes as to why parents love Oh Flossy Natural Kids Makeup, Face Paint, Glitter, Nail Polish & Accessories!

Oh Flossy Makeup & Face Paint is made in our Sydney, Australia warehouse from non-toxic, all natural and vegan ingredients. Our Nail Polish is made in Australia from our trusted partners and is 10 free and free from non-toxic chemicals. Let's take a look at some of the other reasons why parents love the Oh Flossy range:

Oh Flossy washes off with waterOh Flossy Makeup and Face Paint is made locally in our warehouse in AustraliaOh Flossy is made with natural ingredients
Oh Flossy never tests on animalsOh Flossy packaging is recyclable

Customer review from Lisa (thank you Lisa!)

Brilliant Kids Makeup
"Great product!! Quality ingredients and very safe for the little ones. Product arrived really fast and beautifully packaged. Thank you Oh Flossy, we will definitely purchasing from you again!"

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At Oh Flossy, we know how important safe, non-toxic products are for our children and include all of our ingredients on our website along with our 30 day money back guarantee commitment.

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