Natural Lip Gloss for Kids: How to Choose Safe and Nourishing Products

Natural Lip Gloss for Kids: How to Choose Safe and Nourishing Products

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As we start to head into the cooler months (at least in the Southern Hemisphere!) lip gloss and lip balm is one of those staple items to help protect our lips from chapping and cracking. Just like adults, children’s lips can suffer the same fate especially as their natural reaction is to lick their sore, chapped lips.

Oh Flossy Natural Lip Gloss

The main benefit of lip gloss is to help moisturise and protect our lips, for children this is no different. Children also love to emulate their parents by having glossy lips that smell and taste delicious! Not all lip gloss and lip balm are equal, so let's examine some factors to consider when selecting a lip gloss for your child:

Look for a lip gloss that contains natural and organic ingredients

Natural and organic ingredients such as plant oils like Castor Oil, MCT Oil and natural waxes Carnauba Wax and natural pigments & naturally sweet flavours can help protect children’s lips. Kids natural lip gloss which is sweetened with stevia rebaudiana leaf extract is great as this is a natural sweetener. Oh Flossy Kids Natural Lip Gloss comes in delicious flavours like Strawberry, Cotton Candy and Grape. Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract helps to bring our the natural fruit flavours found in our non toxic lip gloss for kids.

Oh Flossy Natural Lip Gloss for kids comes in Strawberry, Cotton Candy and Grape

Review the product label 

It’s important to ensure the ingredients listed are not something your child is allergic to. All products should contain an ingredients list and Oh Flossy also publishes this list on our website. Our kids natural lip gloss has a low allergen status, vegan friendly and free from nut oil. Ensure there are no non toxic ingredients listed.

Oh Flossy Natural Lip Gloss for kids makes a great addition to the Oh Flossy Makeup

Look for age-appropriate products

Some lip gloss products may be designed for adults and not safe or suitable for kids. Oh Flossy’s range of products and lip gloss are puts kids safety first and are 100% kid friendly. Our lip gloss offers effortless application, with a gentle gel squeeze, ideal for even the tiniest hands to use without the sticky slippery textures.

Oh Flossy Natural Lip Gloss comes in three delicious flavours and provides a sweet glossy finish

Consider safe and sustainable packaging

Ensure the products are packaged safely and avoid non-sustainable packaging material

Always test the product first

Test a small amount of the lip gloss to a small area of your child’s skin to ensure there is no allergic reaction or sensitivities to the ingredients within the lip gloss

Light touch, easy to squeeze tubes

Consult with a paediatrician

If your child has a history of skin allergies or sensitivities, consult with a paediatrician before using any new lip product.

Kids natural lip gloss makes a great addition to a makeup set

What is kids natural lip gloss?

Kids Natural lip gloss typically comprises natural plant derived goodness and organic ingredients, making it a safer and more effective choice for keeping kids' lips protected and moisturized. Conventional lip gloss often contains ingredients which are not lip or skin friendly such as synthetic materials (especially for colouring and flavouring) and preservatives which can cause skin irritations and allergic reactions and may be deemed non toxic.

Oh Flossy Lip Glosses use water dispersible colour and come in Strawberry, Cotton Candy and Grape

Kids natural lip gloss contains ingredients such as the following:

Castor Seed Oil (Ricinus Communis Seed Oil)

One of the main ingredients in the Oh Flossy Lip Gloss range is Castor Seed Oil. Castor Oil is a plant-based oil which is achieved through cold-pressing the seeds of the Castor Plant (Ricinus Communis plant).

Castor Seed Oil properties include anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and softening & soothing which makes it a perfect ingredient for soothing dry lips and creating a moisturising barrier protection. It helps to provide lips with a glossy finish and shine.

MCT Oil (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride)

MCT Oil which is found in Oh Flossy's Natural Lip Gloss for Kids

MCT Oil originates from Coconut Oil and Glycerine, and it comprises beneficial fatty acids. Similarly, to Castor Oil, MCT Oil helps to prevent moisture loss in skin which makes it very important in the Oh Flossy Kids Natural Lip Gloss range, ensuring lips don’t dry out due to the elements. MCT Oil is gentle enough for use on the most sensitive skin (always conduct a patch test).

Carnauba Wax which is a key ingredient in Oh Flossy's Natural Kids Lip Gloss

Carnauba Wax (Copernica Cerifera Wax)

Carnauba Wax, another plant-derived ingredient, originates from the Copernicia Prunifera plant, which grows (wildly) throughout northern Brazil.

Also known to be the hardest of all plant-based waxes with a high melting point which makes it a great addition to lip care products such as lip gloss and lip balms.

What are the benefits of choosing a natural lip gloss for your child? 


Natural lip gloss is considered safer as it uses natural and organic ingredients. These natural ingredients generally plant-based such as Castor Oil, MCT Oil (derived from coconut oil) and Carnauba Wax. Some conventional lip glosses contain synthetic ingredients especially for the colours and fragrances along with preservatives that can cause adverse reactions to your child’s skin, skin irritations or allergic reactions. Oh Flossy Natural Lip Gloss for Kids contains only natural ingredients including natural pigments and flavouring.

Easy to use without sticky slippery textures


Natural lip gloss is perfect for soothing dry, chapped lips. Natural oils create a barrier protection on your child's lips, shielding against external factors and preserving vital moisture. It also helps to stop them from licking their lips!


As children’s skin can be more sensitive than adults. The natural and organic ingredients found in natural lip gloss are gentler on the skin and lips and therefore avoid irritations.

Proudly handmade in Australia and contains natural waxes and no colour staining

Environmentally friendly

As natural lip gloss is made from natural and organic ingredients. These are often biodegradable and more sustainable forms of ingredients compared to the synthetic based lip glosses, making it better for the environment. As Oh Flossy use vegetable based colours these are water dispersible colour so better for the environment without the risk of colour staining.

Oh Flossy Natural Lip Gloss is specifically formulated with natural ingredients to ensure it's safe, gentle and effective on kid's lips

Clearly, not all lip gloss is equal! Kids safety & protection is important and so when choosing lip gloss, the key things to keep in mind include:

  • Explore natural lip gloss options to nurture lips, shield them, and avoid skin contact with harmful toxins for overall well-being.

  • Reviewing the labelling to ensure the ingredients are not something your child is allergic too.

  • Gentle, nourishing and moisturising - it’s important that the lip gloss actually works!

  • Fun for children including lovely scents, colours and flavours.

Oh Flossy Natural Lip Gloss is easy to apply

At Oh Flossy, we’ve spent over 12 months creating a natural lip gloss alternative that we feel meets all of the key requirements a parent, friend or family member is looking for - safe, effective and fun! The Oh Flossy Natural Lip Gloss range for kids is proudly handmade in Australia with non toxic ingredients. It has been designed with kids safety in mind by a professional cosmetic chemist ensuring kids can have hours of imaginative play with whatever flavour they choose - Strawberry, Cotton Candy of Grape!

You can find out more here - Oh Flossy Natural Lip Gloss Set.

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