More School Holiday Fun Unleashed with Oh Flossy x @pepperberrykisses!

More School Holiday Fun Unleashed with Oh Flossy x @pepperberrykisses!

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Attention, young creators! Get ready for an epic school holiday bursting with creativity and endless fun! Prepare to be amazed as we continue to dive into the exciting world of Oh Flossy and @pepperberrykisses.

When our sparkly and safe products and @pepperberrykisses inspiring ideas come together, magic happens! Join us on a wild journey of artistic exploration and bucket loads of fun these school holiday.

#1 Sparkle and Pop: Create Mini Bubble Magic with Oh Flossy Glitter and Face Paint!

Attention, bubble lovers! Get ready for a dazzling journey into the enchanting world of mini bubbles! We're here to reveal @pepperberrykisses secret to creating these amazing bubbles using the oh-so-fabulous Oh Flossy glitter and face paint. So, gather 'round, grab your gear, and let's dive into a bubble-filled adventure that will make your heart "pop" with joy and provide hours of holiday fun!


 Here's what you need:

Mini Bubble How-To:

Now, let's learn how to make these delightful mini bubbles. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Cut a piece of Gorilla tape and fold it over the straw, ensuring a tight seal.
  2. Peel off the backing to reveal the double-sided tape.
  3. Stretch the sides by giving them a little pull while pressing hard on the edges.
  4. Use a funnel to add glitter into the straw.
  5. Blow into the straw while wrapping the bottom part of the tape with your fingers to prevent air from escaping.
  6. Quickly pull out the straw and twist the neck of the mini balloon.
  7. Rub the outside with our face paint powder to add vibrant colours.

Tips for decorating Your Mini Bubble:

To make our mini bubbles extra special, let's decorate them inside and out. Grab your Oh Flossy face paint and biodegradable glitter and let your creativity shine! Sprinkle some glitter and add vibrant colours with the face paint to the inside of the bubble. It's going to be so pretty and magical!



Squeeze and Pop:

Now comes the fun part! Gently squeeze the mini bubble until it pops. Watch in amazement as it shrinks into adorable loose parts. With the colourful face paint coating, they'll look just like vibrant coral from under the sea.

 #2 Let's Create Cracking with Clay Magic

Get ready for a super-duper adventure into the world of cracking clay creations! With the help of air-dry clay, Oh Flossy glitter, and magical makeup, we can make the most awesome and fun designs. Join us as we explore the exciting art of natural clay cracking, where imagination knows no limits and surprises are just waiting to be discovered! 


Gather Your Magical Supplies:

 To get started on our cracking clay adventure, gather these amazing supplies:

 Shape Your Clay Wonders

Take the air-dry clay and let your imagination run wild! Use the tools to help your little ones shape the clay into fantastic creations. How about making stars, animals, or even magical unicorns? The options are endless!

Add Sparkle and Magic

Now, it's time to sprinkle some Oh Flossy glitter and mix in the magical makeup! Sprinkle a pinch of glitter and gently blend in the face paint powders to make your clay designs sparkle and shine. Wow, it's going to be so dazzling!

Seal the Enchantment

To keep your cracking clay creations safe and super shiny, give them a coat of Oh Flossy nail polish. Brush it on carefully to seal the clay and make it all glossy and fabulous. Oh, they'll look like they came straight out of a fairy tale!

 Let's Crack 'Em Open

Once your clay masterpieces have dried completely, it's time for the most exciting part – cracking them open! Gently press and twist the clay to make cracks appear. Surprise! Inside, you'll find soft and squishy clay waiting for more creative adventures.

So, grab your clay and let the creativity soar! We are positive your little ones will have a sparkly and magical time bringing these special creations to life with thanks to @pepperberrykisses.

#3 After a Hair-azing Holiday Adventure? Unleash Your Inner Hairstyling Star with Oh Flossy Face Paint Powder and Glitter!

Playing hair salons is a childhood staple. We are here to help your little ones take it to the next level and help your little ones to rock some seriously awesome hair designs with the incredible power of Oh Flossy face paint powder and glitter!

Check out some @pepperberrykisses inspiration and then it's time for the kids to unleash their inner hairstyling guru with their own adorable hair creations.

We hope you have a blast create the most charming and eye-catching hairstyles, bubbles and clay creations ever! Don’t forget to show us what you come up with by tagging @ohflossyofficial in your insta posts! 

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