OUR PICKS: The 5 nail colour combos we are loving right now

OUR PICKS: The 5 nail colour combos we are loving right now

We all know when it comes to using Oh Flossy products the rules are, there ain’t no rules!

But if it’s time for a manicure and ‘anything goes’ isn’t really your thing, or you need a little inspo to get the creative juices flowing, why not try some of our fave colour combos and nail art ideas?

#1 A pop of confetti

Nail trends are hard to keep up with, but a glittery feature nail is here to stay! We love pairing our Creative Hot Pink with a Courageous Coloured Confetti contrast feature nail for added fun!

#2 Embrace the alternative

Who says purple and green should never be seen? Not us that’s for sure! You can’t go wrong with the kids classic 1,2,1,2 combo and we can’t get enough of it in the Strong Cream Violet and Brilliant Cream Green.

#3 Silverbells


Our Authentic Silver Glitter combines beautifully with Kind Cream Blue to give off all those wintery Elsa vibes. If wiggly fingers allow, why not try a reverse French tip using silver as your base and blue as the tip colour?

#4 An all-out colour attack

You can’t go wrong with a rainbow, right?  Rainbow nail art is one of the biggest trends we are seeing right now and is guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day. Why not experiment with any or all shades and create rainbows in pastel or glitter combos? Rainbow ombre or rainbow tips are other must tries!

#5 Picture perfect!

Intricate nail art has become more and more popular for adults and why should kids miss out … apart from their teeny cuticles and inability to sit still? Never fear, Oh Flossy is here with some super cool sticker art.


Don’t like the nail artistry? Don’t stress! Our plant-based, vegan nail polishes are Oh-So easy to take off with our water-based nail polish remover wipes.

Learn more about the ‘Not Just Pretty’ kids nail polish range here.

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